Who we are

All partners in our project work with adults and they have ICT courses/classes and varying degrees of experiences in using ICT tools in teaching and learning settings. Our previous experiences creates advantages for the project, because all of us have conducted needs analysis in our institutions via questionnaires and interviews and we all have concluded that exchanging good practices at international levels will have valuable effects on our current educational applications.

By participating to the project, our organizations:

  • Have chance to create awareness about effective use of ICT at their institutions.
  • Get knowledge about different use and applications of ICT in adult education
  • Improve the quality of their own facilities by exchanging good practices
  • Increase the quality and effectiveness of the current applications about ICT.
  • Have chance to compare their own applications with their partners and to exchange good practices and ideas.
  • Widen the perspective of their personnel because they will get a chance to take part in international activities.
  • Be able to make a cooperation with regional, national and international institutions.
  • Increase their radius and reputation on both national and international area.
  • Gain more institutional prestige with the experience they have got from this project.
  • Have more reliability and respect in public.
  • Encourage other institutions to take part in this kind of projects.
  • Have more experienced stuff at their institutions.
  • Be able to improve their use of their facilities by observing and exchanging.

Gebze Public Education Center | FA-Magdeburg | Rogepa | LUETEC | Kairos Europe Limited

Gebze Public Education CenterGebze,Turkey / Coordinator

Gebze Public Education Center (Gebze Halk Eğitim Merkezi) is a government institution. Our institution is located in Gebze in the northwest of Turkey, on the border of two big cities, Kocaeli and Istanbul. Gebze is a huge industrial town and it has a high rank of population and people migrate here from other regions of Turkey to get a job.
Our institution has 5 administrators, 7 teachers and 3 officers. Annually, we have around 800 courses and more than 20.000 adult students within our institution and in cooperation with other public and private institutions in our town. For our courses, we provide teachers and experts from other schools and institutions. We not only open courses for adults, but also manage open elementary school and open high school. We have around 7.250 active students in these schools.
Our building has 6 classrooms, 2 workshops, 5 administrative office, 1 teachers' room, 2 computer labs and 1 multi-purpose hall. Apart from our classes, we organize courses in any place convenient for education. We have a very wide range of courses, such as; ICT, foreign languages, handicraft, sports, family education, cooking, hunting, music, musical instruments, dressmaking, dancing, hairdressing etc.
Our specific expertise area is adult teaching. We provide many different courses for adults and also for people who are out of formal education. We help them improve themselves, have a better position in society and be prepared for life itself.

FA-Magdeburg GmbH - Magdeburg, Germany

is a private German training company located in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt. As a continuous education provider, we are committed from the beginning of our establishment to ensure the exchange of practical knowledge and skills according to advanced technical developments and market requirements.

Our specific expertise area is adult teaching. We provide many different courses for adults and also for people who are out of formal education. We help them improve themselves, have a better position in society and be prepared for life itself.

Practice partner for IT - dual sistem VET

Training delivered:

  • Travel communication technique,
  • ICT basic and advanced,
  • Project management,
  • IT System management,
  • Web design,
  • Office communication technology,
  • Professional development,
  • Multimedia Design,
  • Teaching tools using internet,
  • Creation of course material, Course planning, Preparation,
  • Train of Trainer courses,
  • Development of international Web portals in different languages,
  • E-Learning Development, e-books producing,
  • Modular InPlant Training.

Contact data:

FA-Magdeburg GmbH

Schoenebecker Str. 119, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

Website:  www.fa-md.de

SC Rogepa SRL - Baia Mare, Romania

We are a private training company with the main activity focused on the adult education.

We provide authorized training in different domains as following: ICT,CNC, curriculum development, entrepreneurship education, project management, commerce, e-learning design, web design, tourism and food services,train of trainers, foreign languages,  frizeur, constructions, wood processing, business running, quality management, key competences. For 11 years, we deliver services like: training, e-learning tutoring, web design, architecture design, media design.

We have an e-learning platform used for the provision of courses, including the development of key skills and entrepreneurial education. We deliver, at the national level, authorized training for the 8 key competences.

Since 2013, we are authorized by the Regional Employment Agency of Maramures to provide:  informational and counselling activities regarding the labor; Provides information and advise people looking for a job related to career choice, opportunities for training and employment. We provide information services and career counseling individually or in groups, and concerns: a) providing information about the labor market and occupations evolution; b) personality assessment and self-assessment for vocational guidance; c) develop the ability and confidence to people looking for a job, in order to enable decision on their own career; d) training in methods and techniques to find a job.

Our trainees in the last 3 years (1139 adults, 600 women) are unemployed people(360 people), detainees/prisoners (129 people),  rroma population (250 people), people with disabilities (200 people) and other vulnerable groups (200 people). By training we increased their competences in different occupational fields and we train them to develop them 8 key competences, following European strategies. 600 people, from which 167 young people under 30 years, where counseled for employment and 200 people participated to entrepreneurship education by attending our on-line and face-to-face training.

Rogepa has staff  and collaborators with competences and expertise to organize national and international events, web design, e-learning design, media development, education, adult education, development of curricula’s and teaching aids, European projects management and fund raising, development and modernization of professional training process of qualification and re- qualification for small and medium companies in Romania.

We have also experience as service supplier in the ICT field, such as design of web pages, e-learning, editing of teaching and learning materials, editing flyers, or other materials on client’s wishes, graphic design computer based, multimedia development.

We have good relationships with other national institutes of education, city halls from region, local council, and several professional associations. The organization's members are people with experience in the education and training, academic field, in research, employment, in creating social work methodology and also in implementing projects with external funding.

website: www.rogepa.org

LUETEC - Naples, Italy

We make studies and researches about Lifelong Learning and develop adult and senior people training and educational paths in adult education.  LUETEC also works as consultancy company for private or public boards and local entities  in the framework of European cooperation projects.

Development, coordination and management  of EU projects:

The first projects on VET cooperation started in 2000 beginning with the project TECNO-ZEINU: New ways of learning the sign language through computer based learning

After that Luetec has produced a Pilot Project named SAFE–DOCK: Improving Labour Health European Dockworkers Through The Information and Communication on New Technologies.

Since 2004 LUETEC has been working as a coordinator or partner in many Socrates projects related to the development of new skills for adults and learning of key skills, ICT competencies in particular and the development of life competencies and soft skills on a target of disadvantaged .

Since 2007 many training courses have been planned for professional updating for teachers teaching to adult people such as the In-Service Training Course-  “Teaching-Learning English in the European Cooperation process”  e "La didattica dell'antico"

Luetec has also developed some international collaborations in Life Long Learning Program projects.

In 2008 Luetec has developed a handbook named "Art changes life" the outcome of multilateral partnership about Leonardo Da Vinci project Art for Life.

In 2009 we have developed a partnership with other institutions on teaching modules for competencies of European citizenship. The name of the project was “Europe and us” coordinated by Spain  about the use of a Moodle platform as a learning tool through digital channels in European Institutions.

During the past years, there have been several ITC courses for people of every age according to different learning modules.

At the moment, Luetec proposes a workshop called  "Inter-Activity" held by Antonio Cangiano by a cooperative learning methodology and digital photography as well as tablet use and ICT methods

Luetec has been participating in some projects relative to the developments of basic ICT in ECCN– European Chatting Club which included the use of a European chat in adult classes.

ICT teachers in LUetec have been taking part in several training courses about teaching technologies organized by FEDERUNI in particular according to methodologies and communication channels: new digital technologies for adults.

Kairos Europe Limited- United Kingdom, London

Kairos Europe, established in 2011, is an organization dedicated to promoting the development of programmes aimed at increasing the intercultural exchanges between European countries.Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for youths and adults in order to improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their career prospects. We host students and graduates from all over Europe wishing to do a work experience in the UK in different vocational areas.

We organise professional development courses for people involved in education who want to acquire new competences. Courses include digital classrooms, interculture, school management, art and sports in education, and social inclusion.We have taken part in several international partnership projects, focused in particular on languages, IT, disadvantaged categories (migrants, unemployed, parents facing social and economic disadvantage), and projects promoting integration and equality. In our innovative approach, we seek to achieve these goals through culture and the arts.
We also aim to bring together partners coming from all European countries, in order to develop effective plans with the purpose of sharing practices, discussing problems and compare solutions on specific topics.As part of our training courses, we are especially sensitive in the issues related to developing social skills for living and working in today's multi-cultural societies, being promoters of positive approaches to multi-cultural issues, and learning to leave in harmony with each other. Moreover we arrange study visits for professionals who want who want to improve their skills in their field of expertise or have an insight into their professional field in the UK. We can arrange visits in the following areas: International Development, Charity Sector, Immigration Policies, Arts, Active Aging and Education.

Our organisation has been working since its foundation with disadvantaged categories such as migrants, asylum seekers, refugees. As part of our activities, we have organised several activities for these categorigroups, such as free English and IT courses, or sessions about how to develop interpersonal skills to live in modern societies. We have dealt with categories who feel themselves excluded from mainstream society and have tried to help them build up on their skills and improve their career prospects. Also, as part of one of our current international projects, we have been promoting courses for seniors, in order for them to feel more integrated in modern society. Most of the seniors attending our courses are non-native British people, some of which refugees.